Imagine immersing yourself in a place where the beauty of the spaces and the local area blends with the versatility of our modern and elegant venue, creating the ideal environment for your Masterclasses. Casacon offers a unique experience, in which every corner of our facilities adapts perfectly to the needs of your event, whether it is related to cooking, well-being, holistic events or other disciplines.

The elegant and welcoming interiors of Casacon lend themselves to hosting groups of different sizes, from the more intimate to the more numerous. The bright rooms and carefully selected furnishings create a stimulating atmosphere in which knowledge and creativity can flourish. Outside, the lush garden and green spaces offer an oasis of tranquillity that are perfect for outdoor sessions or regenerating moments of rest. Sirolo and the Conero Riviera are areas rich in natural and cultural wonders, which lend themselves to enriching and expanding the educational experience.

Versatile spaces and large capacity

  • Restaurant

  • Agora

  • Private area

  • Cocktail bar

Unique design elements

Casacon includes unique design elements that are created in line with the theme or style of the event, such as personalised decorations, extraordinary lighting, exotic flowers, designer props and set-ups.


Advanced technology

Enjoy access to state-of-the-art technology for recording, live broadcasting and Wi-Fi to facilitate connecting multiple devices, enabling video streaming, web browsing and the use of smart devices.

  • App dedicated to Hotel Casacon
  • Contactless payments
  • Virtual reality tours of the hotel

Plan your personalized event

The Casacon Events Manager is at your disposal to create a tailor-made experience with great attention to detail, personalising the entire guest experience. Start here.

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